Antminer S17 & S17 Pro- The Most Profitable Miners of 2019 Are Here!
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Antminer S17 & S17 Pro- The Most Profitable Miners of 2019 Are Here!

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Antminer S17 & S17 Pro- The Most Profitable Miners of 2019 Are Here!
April 11th, 2019NewsComments Off on Antminer S17 & S17 Pro- The Most Profitable Miners of 2019 Are Here!

The next-generation mining hardware- Antminer S17 series is finally here! On April 9, 2019, Bitmain Technologies, the Chinese mining rig manufacturing giant, launched their new Antminer S17 Series that will outperform all existing miners with a hashrate of 50 to 56 trillion hashes every second (TH/s).

This generation of Antminers has three variants- Antminer S17, Antminer S17 Pro, and the Antminer T17. These miners are latest in the company’s line of fabless mining chips and are designed to provide an energy-efficient means of mining popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

Cryptomining manufacturer Bitmain has used 2nd generation 7nm ASIC BM1397 mining chips in these miners which would provide a 28.6 percent improvement in power efficiency. Both Antminer S17 and S17 Pro offer more advanced features than the preceding Antminer S15 series. Last September, Bitmain launched its first 7 nanometer (nm) mining chips with a power efficiency of 42 J/TH which was followed by the launch of S15/T15 miners in November 2018.

Now, the company has come up with Antminer S17 and S17 Pro, the most advanced BTC and BCH miners under the SHA-256 algorithm, that are available in different variants. So, let’s take a look at the specifications of these models and their profitability comparison.

Antminer S17

The Antminer S17 is available in two variants, a 56 tera hashes per second (TH/s) and a 53 TH/s model, with two mining modes. According to the company, both these models operate at 45 joules per tera hash (J/TH) under the normal mode, while the low-power mode operates at 42 J/TH.

The profitability should be excellent on this S17 due to the fact that they are designed using a new 7NM chip which specifically developed for mining the SHA-256 algorithm. The Antminer S17 could hash up to 56 TH/s which means that mining could become profitable even for those who have to pay for electricity. The expected profitability of S17, depending on electricity cost, difficulty, and coin trading price, ranges from $18-35/day and $458-854/month. Also, as per sources, the wattage for the S17 is around 1500 watts while noise emission is 84db. By looking at the specs of the S17 Antminer, it becomes even clearer that it’s going to be the best and most profitable miner for 2019.

Antminer S17 PRO

The Antminer S17 Pro also comes in two variants, a 53 TH/s and a 50 TH/s model. Both modes have three mining modes which “allows for greater customization as customers can switch between different settings to accommodate various mining requirements,” according to Bitmain’s blog. As far as energy efficiency is concerned, both models operate at a power efficiency of 45 J/TH under turbo mode, while the normal modes operate at 39.5 J/TH and the low-power operates at 36 J/TH.

As compared to the S17, the current profitability of S17 Pro is expected to range from $25-45/day and $565-932/month (depending on electricity cost, difficulty, and coin trading price). The hash rate is expected to range between 38-55 TH/s at 1500 watts and 84 db noise emissions. Moreover, the S17 Pro comes with a brand-new cooling solution. These models use the same S15 double fan design, however, this time the company has shortened the wind-path by half. As such, by reducing the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the miner, the performance has been improved.

Antminer S17 v/s S17 Pro:

If we look at the available specs of S17 and S17 Pro, it may seem that the S17 Pro has the advantage of processing more hashes per second, but we need to take a wider look before making any conclusion. As noted above, the S17 series comes with a power efficiency of 45 J/TH using normal mode, while the low-power mode only utilizes at 42 J/TH. It depends on the user which mode to use for operating the device.

The 7nm BM1397 mining chips used in 17 series miners will save 28.6 percent of energy consumption compared to the previous models and with the improvement in circuit structure with low power dissipation, S17 miners have become more effective and profitable.

According to the Bejing-based company’s website, both Antminer S17 Pro 53 TH/s and Antminer S17 56 TH/s has been sold out very quickly at the price of $2366.00 and $2159.00 respectively. Two other devices – Antminer S17 Pro 50 TH/s and Antminer S17 53 TH/s – at the time of writing were still available for $2232.00 and $2043.00 respectively.