Rates As Low As $50 per kW- month

Start mining in CANADA with the most efficient hardware on the market!

We Specialize

In hosting high-density computer hardware requiring substantial access to both power and cooling.

Best Power Rates

Canada provides an opportunity with the lowest cost for power near hydro plants in remote locations.

Effective Cooling

Custom-designed HVAC system with its low power environmentally friendly footprint.

Green Energy

We are committed to renewable sources of energy and our power comes from a nearby hydro-power generator.

Who We Are

In 2013, we started operating our hardware in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and in 2016 moved our operations to the province of Quebec, Canada. We specialize in hosting high-density computer hardware requiring substantial access to both power and cooling. Our primary focus is to offer cost effective solutions to cryptocurrency hobbyists and professionals. We strive to provide 100% uptime and the best support this industry can offer. We offer year around support onsite and there is always someone onsite to check and reply to your ticket/inquiry/email.

We now grew to 4 data centers, offering Tier II and Tier III miner hosting solutions at affordable rates with a total capacity exceeding 40 MW and we are always looking for opportunities to increase the capacity.Our Head Office is in Richmond Hill, ON. where we have our sales team, customer service and accounting department.

What We Do

We offer most efficient hardware for bitcoin miners available today. We ship directly from Canada and our used hardware is only used to test the reliability of each machine to avoid warranty issues and delays. Warranty still comes with every unit sold.

We offer bitcoin mining hardware hosting services and provide the lowest power rate available to bitcoin miners today. Ship your unit(s) over to us and we will do the rest. All set up, maintenance and support is on us and completely free.

New to bitcoin mining? Save time, transportation, customs, setup costs and warranty issues and start mining today. We offer unmatched hosting packages for your investment. We will have your mine set up within one business day and in most cases within hours of payment.