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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Find answers to the common questions asked about our products and services.

We only host wholesale clients (individual investors or corporations) with a minimum of 10 miners. Some contracts can be started with a lower number of miners when deliveries are pending.

We are Canada based and currently operate 2 data centers in Montreal Area, QC. Our Head Office is in Richmond Hill, ON.

You are welcome to visit any of our places, either the corporate office or mining facilities. An appointment will be scheduled upon your request. Walk-ins will be refused.

We provide miner hardware sales, hosting solutions, data center management and construction services for crypto investors around the world.

We are currently accepting BTC or USDT (exchange fees will apply) and Bank Wire Payments (no fees).

Start with filling out the form on Contact Us page. All we need is: Number of units you wish to host (minimum 10 units); Whether you will buy the units from us or send to us; Type of hosted units (Example S17, S19 etc); Pool information (can be provided upon setup);

Our total hosting capacity is over 40 MW. Although, majority is already operating. As of August 15, 2022 we have 1.5 MW available for immediate connection.

The Machines are yours. You may ship them anywhere you want once your hosting contract expires and all outstanding bills are paid.

No, we will not host old and ineffective miners. They will not make you money. We are looking for long term partners and our space is limited to waste our and your time/money.

Yes, you do. Shipments from outside of Canada will be subjected to customs duties (about 6.5%). As foreign entity, you may be entitled to register a Canadian Corporation and claim your taxes back.

Yes, please refer to our Warranty Terms and Conditions. We also offer additional warranty.

Our custom-designed HVAC systems provide cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to cooling miners in all of our data centers.

Yes, there is. The agreement provides security and terms for both our customer(s) and ourselves.

We offer insurance against theft, water and fire damage.

No, we do not charge anything on top of our hosting fees. All hardware setup, network setup, configuration and cabling cost is on us. Exception will be the deployments of 500 miners or more.

We will recommend the pool we are using, but you can choose any pool you want. We are not associated with any particular pool.

Yes, we do. We troubleshoot miners and will advise you on repair costs. Usually, our hosting plans include the labour and you only pay for the spare parts. Many of the repairs performed in-house without sending miners outside.

If you miner goes offline for an extended period and it is not bootable you may be entitled for compensation of unused power and credit will be applied to your hosting bill.

Yes, we do. Except cases when you decide not to provide the access to your mining pools.

Yes, but by request only and as required.

We do not host GPU rigs, but can help large installations of 500 rigs and up.

We do not require large security deposits, but a minimum of one month of estimated power cost is needed to be secured as a deposit at any time.

We will provide power for up to 5 business day before machine(s) would be turned off to allow you to make corresponding payment arrangements.

Our Cooperate Legal Name is “HostAid Inc.” and we are governed by Canadian Business Law. Moreover, all payments must be issued to HostAid Inc. and will appear in your statement(s) under our corporate name.